Portrait of Maloviere for The Broadcasting AgencyIntroducing Maloviere, a kind of latter-day Rip van Winkle and twenty-first-century Renaissance-Man ~ not only an Actor, ‘Character-Actor’ and ‘Look-Alike’, but also a Musician, Composer, Poet, Calligrapher, Astrologer and English-Tutor in the grand classical manner. Ever impeccably attired in the style of a true English gentleman, he brings the pin-point precision and principled perfectionism of a bygone era to everything he undertakes, from speaking and writing to acting and modelling; and, in a distant echo of his quarter-blood ‘White’-Russian heritage (albeit illegitimate), is habitually accompanied by ‘Countess’ Katyushka, fifth and final in a line of supremely-elegant borzoi (or Imperial Russian Wolfhound) companions extending over the past four decades.

His time and attention are nowadays divided between his country-home in rolling hills surrounding the Kingsbridge Estuary, Southern Devonshire, and professional practice in London, where his former calling of consultant astrologer & personal counsellor has latterly merged into his teaching of The Queen’s English to foreign graduates and aspirant or actual professionals ~ an occupation fully complemented by his long-standing parallel vocation as film-&-television actor, photographic model and historical ‘look-alike’, in all of which contexts he has come to be considered ‘the very epitome of old-world Englishness’.

As an actor, he has featured as Charles Dickens in the B.B.C. Television network-trailer for Dickens at 200 (Nov. 2011 - Feb. 2012) and the B.B.C.1 Christmas-Special Oliver (Dec. 2006); King Charles I on B.B.C.1’s Good Fortune; Nostradamus for B.B.C.2’s Timewatch; The Magician in Channel 4s Mental Magic Week (Nov. 2005); the Elizabethan poet-playwright Christopher Marlowe for the Channel 4 series Hell on Earth; the other (and slightly better-known) Elizabethan poet-playwright, William Shakespeare, in the cinematic drama-documentary Looking for Richard (which both starred and was directed by Al Pacino); Nicholas II, last Tsar of All the Russias, in the music-video From The Beginning, for the Disney animated feature Anastasia; Leonardo da Vinci in The Da Vinci Shroud ~ Revealed (which was first shown on Channel Five in July, 2009, and repeated in March, 2012); and in numerous advertising-campaigns, including those for Microsoft Office, B.T. Phonecards, The British Tourist Authority, The Post Office, Chiltern Railways (shown above, right), Häagen-Dazs, Bombardier Beer, Bonham’s, Boden and Simpsons of Piccadilly, many of them (also) as Shakespeare. More recently, he was featured extensively in Transport for London's celebration of the London Underground's 150th. Anniversary (early 2013, as shown below); was the voice(s) of Shakespeare, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis for the ‘Quintessentially English’ station-idents for GOD TV (in Summer, 2015); appeared as William Shakespeare in person on the steps of the Globe Theatre, London, in a feature on the 400th. anniversary of the playwright’s death (on the 23rd. of April, 2016), for Channel One News on American television; and, most recently, contributed a café-cameo to ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’, the spectacular new sequel to J.K. Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them’ (itself the prequel to the seven-fold Harry Potter saga), this sequel starring Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law ~ at the time the largest cinematic production outside Hollywood, which went on general release on the 16th. of November, 2018.

Maloviere as Charles Dickens (BBC TV)

On 9 January 2013, London Underground celebrates 150 years since the first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway. (featuers Maloviere, left)

As a model, Maloviere has appeared in innumerable haute-couture fashion-editorials for the Condé Nast Group (including L'Uomo Vogue, Männer Vogue, G.Q. Style, Per Lui, Marie Claire, Brides and Riders magazines), a number of photo-features (for example in The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The New Yorker and Londons Time Out magazine), and in limited-edition collectors’ catalogues for Japanese designer Monsieur Nicole and London fashion-tailors Social Suicide. He has also been interviewed in his own right for The B.B.C. Latin-American Service; Radio-Télévision France; Faces of England (for Japanese television); The London Evening Standard (in ‘London Life’); The Sun newspaper (July, 2005); The Guardian (in the G2 supplement ‘Close-Up’ of April, 2007, available elsewhere on this site); Details magazine of New York (ditto); Scene magazine of London (ditto); 'The Dandies' edition of The Chap magazine in September, 2007 (ditto); the three-part documentary Britain's Ugliest Models, made about one of his agencies, Ugly Models, which was broadcast on Fiver (October - November, 2010); the January – June, 2013 edition of Men’s File ~ ‘a Modern(ist) magazine tracing the roots of style’; and, most recently, he served as the sculptor’s model for Madame Tussaud’s wax-rendition of the nineteenth-century Australian national poet Henry Lawson, created for a permanent exhibition of antipodean culture in Sydney, New South Wales. (See also Toni Tran's London Street Fashion Fashitects.blogspot.co.uk, shown right.)

Maloviere photographed by Julian Calverley

He has also appeared in various national and international television-commercials (including, among others, Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, The Portuguese Ministry of Culture, German National Railways [with super-model Cindy Crawford], Camelots National Lottery, British Telecom, Harveys Bristol Cream, Arthur Price of England, Lindt Swiss Chocolates and The Sun newspaper); music-videos (including Alfie with Mick Jagger, The Box Song for B. Tuff, Big Countrys Beautiful People, Babe for Take That! [in which he both appeared as The Composer and created the calligraphy], and most recently I'm Not Your Toy for La Roux); and as a cat-walk model in numerous international fashion-shows staged in London, Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf, Tokyo and New York, some of which were also televised.

As a musician, Maloviere has both performed and recorded with the group Symbiosis, playing violin, balalaika, domra (the Russian mandolin) and a delicate steel-strung dulcimer (also Russian) called a tsimbala: he appears on their relaxation-album Touching the Clouds (on the track Rivers of the Sun), and on their global-rhythms collection Dancing in Your Dreams (on a tune called Sesamum Seed & Rice), both of which may be auditioned or downloaded world-wide through iTunes. Symbiosis

Examples of Maloviere's voice:

Reading 1: The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Reading 2: The Art Of Conversation by Oscar Wilde

Reading 3: Oh, Mistress Mine by William Shakespeare

Reading 4: Sonnet XVII by William Shakespeare

Reading 5: Winter In The Forest (Russian Folk-Tale)

Reading 6: Moscow Evenings (spoken version)

Russian Song I: Moscow Evenings

Russian Song II: Lonely Accordionist

Hear an extract from The Dream of the Emperors Concubine C.D.
by Maloviere and Symbiosis (NOW AVAILABLE from iTunes: Symbiosis)

To contact Maloviere, e-mail: maloviere(at)btopenworld.com
{replacing (at) with @}

Website U.R.L.: www.maloviere.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/maloviere

Maloviere - Ugly Models card, 2011

For acting and modelling Maloviere is represented by
The Grey Model Agency of London, Agence Silver de Paris & Ugly Models.

Maloviere - Social Suicide - Tunic Coat

Maloviere - Social Suicide - il duche


Guardian Article; Résumé / C.V.; Interviews; and coming soon . . . Full Portfolio.

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Jonathan Root, Lorna Siegel, David Stewart and Chris Sullivan.

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Maloviere as Shakespeare - Chiltern Railways

G2 The Close-Up - Maloviere

Maloviere ~
English Tutor

Look-Alike &

Guardian Article

Résumé / C.V.



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Full Portfolio

Cover-Image: The Dream of the Emperor's Concubine by Maloviere and Symbiosis


Maloviere in Mayfair with 'Countess' Katyushka

Maloviere & Katyushka from Toni Tran's
London Street Fashion

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