‘Maloviere is the quintessential English eccentric ~ a time-travelling bohemian jettisoned from the mid-19th. Century to the media-frenzy of the 1990s, he comes complete with smoking-jacket, monocle, and credentials as both poet and musician, Shakespearean actor and astrological therapist. Maloviere lives in a big house in the country, from which he commutes to London for film, fashion and photographic work.

He became involved in character-agencies in the Eighties in the hope that it would bring him more acting, especially in film and television; but to his great surprise it brought ". . . pretty much all fashion and haute couture". He has appeared in many magazines, including Marie Claire, Italian Vogue and German Vogue, and the American magazine, Details, has run a piece on him as a modern-day dandy and aristo. Apart from modelling, his occupations have oscillated between actor, musician, music-therapist and professional star-gazer: "It is strange, but I seem to have a change of direction every seven years . . .", he says.

Maloviere is now a consultant astrologer, involved in the field of astrological healing and teaching using astrology as a diagnostic tool: "The natal horoscope of an individual constitutes their psychological blueprint," he says. Many of his clients are casting-directors, producers and actors, some of whom he has picked up through his modelling-work: for those of you who may be interested, Maloviere will be doing an astrological programme on Greater London Radio this Spring, and in the Summer can be found at an astrological tepee-camp in Suffolk.’

‘Real Lives’ by Polly Williams for Scene magazine, April & May, 1996; Photograph by Jonathan Root . . . and below, profile from 'The Dandies' edition of The Chap magazine in September, 2007:


The Chap Questionnaire – Interview by Gustav Temple; Photograph by Fiona Campbell.

Below: Archive-interview from 'Details' magazine . . .

Maloviere is a musician and actor who lives on the South-West coast of England, and for over ten years refused to visit London: he plays more than ten instruments but prefers violin, and, as with clothing, his musical taste tends toward traditional Eastern-European, Balkan and Slavonic influences. Maloviere resents the standardisation of modern life, researching music and qualities of life that he believes to have escaped us: he is now making music that will appear on a flexidisc in a book of Koto Bolofo's photographs, and, trained as he is in classical theatre, has been lending a helping hand to stage-groups in his area. All of Maloviere's clothes are hand-made from his own designs: he even has somebody make his boots for him, and wears matching jewelled rings of his own design upon each hand, one of rubies and diamonds, the other of sapphires and diamonds. He has lately been modelling a bit, and may be reached through . . . (continues)

For acting and modelling Maloviere is represented by
The Grey Model Agency of London, Agence Silver de Paris & Ugly Models.

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