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Maloviere - How Is Your English?

Portrait of Maloviere from The Broadcasting Agency

"Are you, or any of your friends or colleagues, a foreign-born Graduate or Professional? If so, how is your English ~ are you fully confident, or might you need help with any of the following?

Native accent-reduction & stress-correction;

Pace-, rhythm- & intonation-modulation;

Grammar, syntax, spelling & punctuation;

Sustained, connected sentence- & paragraph-structure;

Advanced vocabulary-extension & -refinement;

Forms of social correspondence & polite address;

Differentiation of colloquial & formal (or demotic & academic) registers;

Diction & elocution for presentation, public speaking, dramatic or musical performance;

Informed, authoritative guidance on matters of custom, etiquette & style; and

Assistance with preparation for British citizenship-tests, should such be required.


"If any of these apply to you, then what follows may be of interest . . .


Like it or not, English is, quite simply, the World-Language: wherever in the world you may live, work or travel, and whatever may be your hopes, dreams or aspirations, with good English you will always enjoy a distinct advantage, always have a competitive edge over your rivals (some recent studies suggesting by a margin of as much as 33%, in some countries even more); whereas without it your prospects of success ~ whether in terms of education, career, marriage or social status ~ will be, to a greater or lesser extent, limited. ~


"Proper English is the Passport of Professionals."


Maloviere as Charles Dickens (BBC TV)The people who govern the world, those who make the news & decisions that affect all our lives, all use English ~ they have to, they simply cannot afford not to ~ and the more powerful & influential they are, the better their English is likely to be, and the more often, and more widely, they will tend to use it, because good English means good Class ~ for proof of which one has only to turn on the B.B.C. World-Service at literally any time of day or night, and listen to the evidence of one's own ears . . . ~


"There is English ~ and then again, there is real English . . . "


You may have had the experience of hearing something said somewhere, or seeing something written, and thinking to yourself: "If only I had that sort of English, I would be able to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone . . . "; but that sort of English is, as you will be only too well aware for yourself, very far from being the norm ~ where would you go to learn it, whom would you ask? ~ and you will, no doubt, be equally familiar with the experience of meeting someone, thinking they look nice (or even more than nice!), and then experiencing shocked disappointment when they open their mouths . . . ~


"To be well-spoken is to be well-spoken-of, well-thought-of, well-received & indeed welcome, wherever in the world one may go."


You know the kind of thing all too well: the stops & starts, the short, disjointed phrases, the awkward pauses while casting about for the right word, the back-to-front word-order, the mumbled, jumbled mispronunciation & mismatched tenses . . . and, most & worst of all, the endless use of empty, idiotic, adolescent substitutes for intelligent speech: "So I was kinda-like, yeah, well, y'know, an' she was jus' like, Oh, wow, O.K., I mean, ree-lly? . . . It was so-o-o cool, rilly-rilly great, we were both jus', yeah, blown away by the whole thing ~ y'rilly had to like, be there to like, geddit, y'know whaddi'm sayin' . . . ?" ~


"You talk when you cease to be at Peace with your Thoughts; and in much of your Talking, Thinking is half murdered."


The sad fact of the matter is that most of the many millions throughout the world who speak or write (at least some) English do so at best inadequately, at worst plain badly: through no fault of their own they are surrounded by poor-quality, mediocre, low-class usage, from which they inevitably acquire the self-same bad habits by association and absorption ~ yet the curious thing is that many such people remain aware that what they speak and write is not 'The Queen's English', not in fact 'the real thing' at all; and the vast majority of them would (if they only knew how!) very much like to do something about it. ~


"Speech is the noblest Instrument we have, either for the Revealing or the Concealing of Thought: Conversation is one of the loveliest of the Arts . . . "


If you feel the above example sounds at all like you, that you yourself may fall into this category, then this may be your opportunity to 'do something about it', your chance for change: all educational studies agree that the single most important factor in any learning-process (but most especially in language), 'the difference that makes the difference' so to speak, is the quality of, and indeed relationship with, the teacher ~ and the right teacher, like the right partner, is an entirely individual matter, one that you alone can decide. ~


"When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears . . . "


Maloviere as Leonardo (small)It has often been said that good teachers, in common with good parents & good leaders, are only ever born, not made, that teaching is just one of those gifts (like charm, or a sense of humour!) that one either has or does not; but whilst this may well be true ~ and whatever your own opinion in the matter! ~ it is undoubtedly the case that no one teacher, howsoever gifted, will suit every pupil: what matters, rather, is to find the one who can draw out what is latent within you, and help you to fulfil your individual potential. ~


"Improve your English: Improve your Prospects."


What is suggested, therefore, is that if this should feel as if it might just be what you have been looking for, you take the time to read the article below; and if you should then feel that you would like to investigate further, to find out more, you establish contact by one of the methods indicated at the foot of the article, and from the ensuing discussion the appropriateness (or otherwise) of such a class or course may be practically evaluated in your particular case. ~


"Choices are but few, when none but the Best will do."


Such classes will by no means suit all tastes, or pockets ~ after all, "Perfection is only for the Few," as the Renaissance philosopher Bàlthasar Graciàn wryly remarked (albeit in Aragonese Spanish) some three-&-a-half centuries since ~ and such an endeavour will, of course, require time, attention and intelligence; but the potential gain is that you also may be able, with application, to speak, and indeed write, Classic English, in the style of this article; so if that be something to which you truly aspire, then read on, and . . . ~


"Change your Language, Change your Level ~ Change your Life!"




Personal tuition & group-classes are offered in central London and are also available by arrangement in the Exeter-&-Plymouth region of Devonshire (where the writer now resides), and where it is hoped to be able to offer in the future brief, intensive, residential courses at the tutor's own home in the country; but for those unable for whatever reason to attend such classes in person there also exists ~ such are the wonders of modern technology, which undeniably has its place & uses! ~ the possibility of remote tuition by Skype (although face-to-face encounter will naturally continue to afford the most favourable medium for transmission and reception); and online draft-editing and proof-reading services are additionally available, by appointment. ~


It is hoped that this page will have provided sufficient information to enable the interested individual to decide for themself whether this be truly what they seek; but, in the event of some specific query or request, the writer may be reached by electronic correspondence addressed to maloviere@btopenworld.com; and, if more direct and personal contact be immediately required, by leaving a voice- or text-message for Maloviere on Skype. ~

 Maloviere - For an altogether Better Class of English 


Examples of Maloviere's voice:

Reading 1: The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Reading 2: The Art Of Conversation by Oscar Wilde

Reading 3: Oh, Mistress Mine by William Shakespeare

Reading 4: Sonnet XVII by William Shakespeare

Reading 5: Winter In The Forest (Russian Folk-Tale)

Reading 6: Moscow Evenings (spoken version)

Russian Song I: Moscow Evenings

Russian Song II: Lonely Accordionist

Maloviere as Leonardo da Vinci (channel 5 Television)

Maloviere as Leonardo da Vinci (for Channel 5 Television)

Website U.R.L.: www.maloviere.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/maloviere

Guardian Article; Résumé / C.V.; Interviews; and coming soon . . . Full Portfolio.

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