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As a musician, Maloviere has both recorded and performed live with the group Symbiosis, appearing on their relaxation-album Touching the Clouds (on the track 'Rivers of the Sun') and global-rhythms collection Dancing in Your Dreams (on a tune called 'Sesamum Seed & Rice'), both of which are available world-wide for audition and/or download through iTunes.

For his first album-release, entitled The Dream of the Emperor's Concubine, Maloviere presents a retrospective collection of his thoughtful Balkan- and Russian-influenced tunes, both as a solo performer and in collaboration with Symbiosis-producer Clive Williamson on keyboards, flute and percussion, Richard Bolton on acoustic guitar and Ashley Drees on cittern and percussion. Maloviere himself plays violin; sopranino, soprano, alto & tenor recorders; the balalaika, its close cousin the domra (or Russian mandolin), and a third Russian folk-instrument, a delicate steel-strung dulcimer called a tsimbala.

The Dream of the Emperor's Concubine; Sea-Dawn; Dance of the Mountain-God; Rivers of the Sun; Call of the Mountain-Shepherd; The Way over the Hills; Caught in the Casbah; Two Breton Dances (live) ~ Musette de Cabrette & Bourdon de Bombarde; and Christmas-Eve in the Village.

Available now as a digital download from Symbiosis

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